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Tank Metaverse

Worldwide NFT metaverse for play‑to‑earn and fun

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    Tank Metaverse

    Worldwide NFT metaverse for play‑to‑earn and fun

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      Tank Metaverse is a distant space in a far galaxy that brings together various characters of all shades. Among them are degens, blockchain enthusiasts and other diverse personalities with different interests,senses of purpose and background.

      Tankpolis is the capital of our metaverse, a 3D virtual city that lies in the middle of boundless space. The city attracts users from any corner of around to meet and interact there. They live their vibrant lives: visit events and NFT museums, schedule business or regular meetings, buy land to build farming factories and own property.

      The key traditional attraction of Tankpolis citizens is Tank Arena. By fighting on their NFT tanks, residents earn money and, most importantly, enjoy the gameplay.

      Tank Metaverse

      Tank Metaverse is a multi-platform and cross-reality ecosystem for true immersion and qualitative interaction with the game world.

      Various platforms will be implemented in stages.


      Tank Polis

      The capital site with wide possibilities for social business interactions and token earnings


      Tank Arena

      Battle game with various options to gain token rewards and loots

      Play and Earn Tokens

      Buy and own land, build farming factories and gain profits

      Get rewards for winning tank battles and completing quests

      Upgrade your NFT tanks to increase their both in-game and market value

      NFT Marketplace

      Each game unit, like tanks and parts or land and property in Tankpolis are NFTs, that can be traded on our marketplace and external platforms

      Game cases

      Our Team

      Serhii Sevydov


      Serhii Kravchenko

      Co-founder, CEO

      Vsevolod Palazhchenko


      Eugene Vladimirov


      Artem Myronchuk


      Nicolas Weber

      Crypto investor and entrepreneur

      Vladimir Manoilo

      Marketing advisor

      Dereck Alexander Jon Hoogenkamp

      MetaVerse Real Estate Officer

      Dima Tantsiura

      Project Manager


      Launching Partners

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